How voice messaging works

Step 1

You provide your numbers and voice message (pre-recorded or text to speech) through our Web panel or our API.

Step 2

MobiWeb platform prepares and sends voice messages.

Step 3

Your customers receive a phone call, answer and listen to your voice message.


Easy Integration. RESTful. Scalable. Asynchronous.

Easy Integration

It's so easy, it will take under 1 hour to setup. We are here to help.

Global Coverage

Send voice messages to 200+ countries.


Choose between 2 options: simple and easy Web Panel or Developer API.


Send voice messages to landlines and mobile phones.

Language Support

Speak to your customer's language. We support 15 languages for text-to-speech.

Voice Menus (IVR)

Deploy sophisticated voice menus on the fly.

Pay As You Go

With no minimum limit, you can increase and decrease your traffic as you see fit.

Example Uses

  • Advertising / Promotions
  • Customer Service
  • Marketing Surveys
  • Confirmations
  • Transaction Verifications


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