How mobile coupons work

Step 1

You provide your codes or we generate coupon codes for you. Coupon codes can be formatted as qr code, datamatrix, aztec, pdf417 or plain text for use cases without scanners.

Step 2

You configure your mobile coupons. e.g. coupon type (vouchers,tickets or loyalty cards), redemption mode (one-time or repeated), customized template selection etc.

Step 3

MobiWeb platform broadcasts your mobile coupons to your customers/subscribers.

Step 4

Your customers receive a SMS message with a link to their coupon or their coupon text code. They have access to their coupon everytime they click their link or they can choose to store it to their passbook (if available).

Step 5

Your customers visit your store(s).

Step 6

They present and scan their mobile coupon in their mobile phone.

Step 7

MobiWeb platform verifies the mobile coupon code.

Step 8

Your customer's mobile coupon is redeemed.


Easy Integration. RESTful. Scalable. Asynchronous.


Choose between 2 options: simple and easy Web Panel or Developer API.

Coupon Formats

We support mobile coupon codes in various formats: qr code, datamatrix, aztec, pdf417 and plain text for use cases without scanners.

Coupon Types

We support mobile coupons for boarding passes, event tickets, retail coupons, store cards, loyalty cards etc.

Coupon Generation

Upload your coupon codes or let us generate customizable coupon codes for you.

Coupon Customization

Design your mobile coupons look with customizable templates.

Passbook / Pass Wallet Integration

Our mobile coupons support Apple's .pkpass. Unlock location-based and time-based notifications with Passbook integration.

Coupon Redemption

Choose to redeem mobile coupons in your system or let us handle redemption through a simple API and extensive statistics.

Example Uses

  • Mobile Coupons / Retail Coupons
  • Mobile Tickets / Event Tickets
  • Store Cards / Loyalty Cards
  • Boarding Passes


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