MobiWeb Awarded Excellence in Innovation and Leadership SMS Messaging Provider Asia at the Le Fonti Hong Kong 2018 Awards

MobiWeb Awarded Excellence in Innovation and Leadership SMS Messaging Provider Asia at the Le Fonti Hong Kong 2018 Awards

MobiWeb was awarded for Excellence of the Year Innovation and Leadership SMS Messaging Provider at the 40th edition of the Le Fonti Awards. The Awards ceremony was held at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Hong Kong on March 23rd 2018, recognizing leaders from around the world for their achievements in a wide range of industries.

LE FONTI® SRL is a Milan-based research institute, a global independent publishing house and an independent source of analysis on international business, finance, technology and world affairs with over 10 years of experience.

"MobiWeb has been recognized because it is one of the leading global A2P end-to-end SMS messaging providers", said Mr. Guido Giommi, Le Fonti President and Founder, who added: "Through one connection, enterprises connect to MobiWeb's carrier-grade platforms and unlock enterprise messaging delivery to 6+ billion subscribers of 1000+ mobile operators. With an international presence and offices located in three continents, MobiWeb provides high quality telecommunication solutions to more than 2500 enterprises globally".

"I am honored to win this award. This award is an inspiration to continue progressing and disrupting the enterprise messaging industry with new innovative products", declared Mr. Peter Kappos, CEO of MobiWeb, who added that:

"Enterprise businesses require SMS messaging to reach their customers directly and offer them additional value. They cannot afford their communications to be compromised. Our products solve this problem for our clients. They all enjoy high quality, performance, reliability and security in their business communications."

"The increasing growth of mobile messaging apps and OTT players has become a threat to traditional telecom revenue and their declining monetization model. The current business model of telecoms is becoming unsustainable.In order to address this challenge, telcos must adapt by investing to the development of new solutions that will drive innovation and meet consumer demand, which will lead to the creation of new sources of revenue."

"Enterprise businesses require customer engagement solutions on multiple channels for seamless user experiences, which can be easily integrated into their operations and infrastructure. Our next end-to-end solution in our product pipeline addresses this market need."

"Through one platform, enterprises will be able to reach their customers through SMS, Voice, Push Notifications and Chat Messengers among others, delivering improved user experiences. Of course, our clients will continue to enjoy the same reliability and performance through our existing SMS messaging products."

About MobiWeb

MobiWeb is a global A2P SMS messaging provider and the ideal partner for companies that require high quality SMS messaging services, meeting the most demanding enterprise requirements. Through MobiWeb's platform, enterprises are able to reach their customers, delivering improved user experiences.

Using direct connections to telecommunication carriers and operators in the largest cloud data centers spanning across the globe, MobiWeb provides high quality telecommunication solutions to more than 2350 enterprises.MobiWeb actively participates in the development of the mobile ecosystem as a GSMA associate member.


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